Toyota FT-HS Hybrid Sports Car

The hybrid version consists of an electric propelling system that could alone drive the car at low speeds. Apart from this, there are various other improved features inside the car. Even at high speeds, the car gives a smooth ride without any bumps. Running at a magnificent 187 hp, the technology provides an effortless transition from a pure electrical power to a conventional gasoline engine. Apart from boasting about the exquisite seat upholstery, Toyota Camry has ample room inside the car that is sufficient and spacious to fit an entire family. Toyota Camry's hybrid version has been introduced with an improved and attractive outer design.

Inspite of all these advantages, owning a Toyota Camry hybrid version might not have a significant burden on the pocket. Although, the cost of a Camry hybrid version is $3000 more than the conventional Camry, around $2,600 could be recovered in the form of state and federal tax credits and incentives if it is purchased early.