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Rangoli in India is the most popular and traditional art. It is an art of decorating the floor with various colors, Flowers, Petals and beautiful patterns. These designs are drawn free hand and then filled with colors and Flower petals. The colors used in these designs are very bright, attractive and eye catching. The Rangoli patterns differ from region to region and state to state.
The most attractive of all rangolis, is the Rangoli designs with flowers. These designs look so colorful, attractive, soothing and fresh. Almost all types of flowers in all the colors are used to create beautiful designs. This art of making Floral Rangoli designs with flowers originated in the southern state of India Kerala.
Floral Rangoli designs can be in geometric shapes, deity impressions, spiritual symbols, flower and petal shapes. Flower Rangoli designs Wallpaper, Colorful flower rangoli patterns, Simple Rangoli Design with Flowers. Most of the Rangoli designs are motifs of plants, flowers, leaves such as coconut, lotus, mango, Roses. Beautiful Rangoli Designs and Patterns, Deepawali Rangoli Designs, Indian Rangoli Wallpapers, Diwali Flower Rangoli Design Pics, Traditional Rangoli patterns, Rangoli Art Designs Flower Patterns For Festival, Most Beautiful Floor Decoration Wallpapers.

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