Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly Tattoo designs have been around for ages and while they enjoy acceptance in the American culture, there is still a little bit of taboo associated with them.

While we admire tattoos for their artistry and celebrities frequently have several tattoos that are less than inconspicuous, we still shun them at job interviews, in the service industry or at formal occasions. Well this flip-flopping is not the easiest thing to deal with since tattoos are permanent!

But many people get around the culture clash by going for a small design that can be hidden easily under clothing, or one that seems a little classier than the others. One of the most popular categories of tattoos that fit this description and designs. Especially popular among women, with these type of designs can be pretty, artful and attractive without coming off as overbearing.

Where to get Butterfly Tattoo Designs

These tattoo designs exist in almost limitless varieties. Just as the insect can vary in color and appearance in nature in almost an infinite number of ways, so can artistic representations. Designs can be found all over the web.

And most tattoo parlors will have a series of clip art books or pictures on their walls that contain hundreds of butterfly tattoo designs. These can help you flush out your own ideas or simply allow you to find one in a color and size that you love, choosing to have an artist render it exactly.

Famous Butterfly Tattoo

Once you get inked up with your designs, you will have joined the ranks of many celebrities, mostly women, who have gone the same route. Drew Barrymore sports a famous butterfly tattoo on her naval, and pop icon Paris Hilton went with butterfly tattoo designs for some of her celebrity ink.