Way, way back in 1971, I found myself in San Francisco. It was the generation of "hippie" flower children. I got tattooed in Lyle Tuttle's old shop at Market & 7th Street, upstairs. Lyle tattooed Janis Joplin.

Sooner or later, I moved to Florida where I met Don Nolan, a tattoo man extraordinaire! He created an Oriental design of flowing water, flowers and coi. Life was good...

"Peggi Hurley, 1986 National's Best Tattooed Female" Such an honor!

I was taught the sacred art of tattooing by Don Nolan, Gill Montie, Bill Hannong and many other kind and dedicated tattooers. The old school comes to mind. Things do seem to come full circle. I grew up in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and in 1994, I moved myself and the business from Florida back home.

 As Ancient Art endures the test of time, many wonderful memories have been made and plenty more are in the making. We are a family of tattooed folks.